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Welcome to the WMCC Fortier Library: Websites

Using Websites

There are many great resources freely available on the web. Many instructors permit you to use credible websites from the web, but some do not. Check with your instructor, syllabus, or rubric for clarification. Take the time to evaluate each source found on the open web, or choose from the trusted sites listed below. If you need help determining a web's credibility, follow the steps in the video below. Library staff can also help you with this.

Evaluating Websites Video

This video created by the Oregon School Library Information System provides guidance to determine the credibility of a website. 

Helpful Websites

Below are selected resources available on the open web.  While all sources should still be evaluated, these sites have been selected because they tend to offer high-quality, authoritative information that is useful for student research.  If you have questions about any of the resource links, please contact library staff.

Demographic/Statistical Information

Education Information

Genealogical Information

Health/Medical information

Legal Information

Primary Sources

Videos & Tutorials

Other Libraries


Watch this video by the Science Elf for an answer to the (Digital) Age-old question.  For an alternative to Wikipedia, check out Credo Reference.