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There are many different citation styles, though at WMCC you will likely either use MLA or APA. Your field of study dictates which citation style you should use for your paper. As a general rule, Humanities subjects use MLA Style, and the Sciences use APA style documentation and formatting. However, your instructor may give you an option to choose either APA or MLA. Check your syllabus if you are unsure. Once you choose one style, it is important you remain consistent throughout your paper. The Library can help you with citation! Contact us with questions about citation, formatting, and using information responsibly.

APA Intro

APA Citation

 Please note: the citation tool in all Proquest Databases (PQ) currently uses the outdated APA 6th edition. Be sure to update your Proquest citations to the 7th edition manually. 

Hint: For journal articles from databases, the most noticeable change in citation format from APA 6 to 7 will be: DOIs are formatted the same as URLs. You do not need to write "DOI."

APA for Presentations

MLA Intro

MLA Citation

 Please note: the citation tool in all Proquest Databases (PQ) currently uses MLA 7th edition. MLA  is now on its 9th edition! Be sure to update your Proquest MLA citations to 9th edition.

Citation Generators

Use Citation Generators with caution. Always cross-reference your results with another citation guide, such as the Purdue Owl, or your handbook.

See OWL's guide on Using Citation Generators Responsibly for more info.

Cite Images